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Take the time to listen to a recently published, full in-depth interview with Trace Marie from Moving Music Podcast Show. 

Find out one of Trace's favorite movies and listen to how she can describe a scene and weave it into a story from her own life.


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Watch our short movie "Anew Note."  Visit us on YouTube to see more of our videos.



Celebrating the latest releases from Columbus artist Los Giles.  He has worked with so many great bands over the years, but his recent creations show that he continues to shine! Trace and the band have been performing and recording with Los on drums for the past year.  Follow him and purchase his albums here:



Recently, keyboardist Andrew Wade composed and produced the soundtrack for a video project at Arch City Recording. Other Blue Level members, Bradley Scott and Craig Fernandez were invited to contribute music to these wonderful video shorts. Check out “Balance” from Denise Wade. Also, check out “Rooted” from Denise Wade on Vimeo. The video is available for your viewing pleasure at





614 magazine "Columbest 2017" just nominated Trace Marie & Blue Level in the "Best Band" category. Thanks to all the voters.  Please encourage people to vote!





The Worthington Inn now presents Songwriter Thursdays beginning at 7:00 in the pub!  The Blue Level Duo are resident performers on an every other Thursday schedule.  Check the calendar page or go to to confirm time and to make reservations.  The pub at Worthington Inn provides a moody atmosphere and a casual pub menu combined with fine original music that entices you to stay and relax.

Trace Marie and Brad Scott will play selections from all of their recordings including new compositions to be released with the band later this year.  Trace mentions, "Focusing on our entire songbook allows us to bring back some that we have not touched in a while so they sound like they were written today." The duo will include other integral members from Trace Marie & Blue Level in the sets such as saxophonist, Craig Fernandez. 



Natalie's presents Twofer Tuesday on January 10! Showcasing Columbus’ finest duo songwriters, this couples’ night promises to be inspiring.  Bringing together two bands Jason & Michelle, and Trace Marie & Blue level, the acoustic gathering will include two small sets.

Jason & Michelle have married their musical styles to create a unique alt-country rock sound.  They will fill you with empowering harmonies, beautifully haunting piano pieces and killer guitar skills. Jason Montgomery and Michelle Ishida have both worked in other bands such as Outrageous Orange and Mary Adam 12.  Their album “Burying the Ghosts” was officially released in July of 2016.

Trace Marie & Blue Level includes the songwriters Bradley Scott and Trace Marie.  During the past decade, Trace Marie and Blue level have established themselves as one of central Ohio’s premier indie-pop bands.  Performing as a duo, they build an intimacy with the audience bringing an emotive energy and passion to the music that engages sophisticated music fans as well as casual listeners. They will be launching a new recording in 2017.


The Columbus Dispatch    June 5, 2014

Meet the band: Trace Marie and Blue Level

After almost 15 years together, Blue Level is taking it to the next level.

A new album, to be celebrated Sunday during the band’s release-party concert, marks “a new evolution for us,” said vocalist Trace Smith.

“These songs very much define who we are.”

The Columbus seven-piece, which recorded its fifth and latest effort in its West Side studio, sustains a pop sound with shades of soul and jazz.

Smith, 36, spoke about the group’s spectrum.

Q: To what do you credit the band’s longevity?

A: We’re great friends. Playing music for so long, we just naturally meshed with each other. When you play with such great artists, it’s very easy to get onstage.

Q: How do you approach songwriting?

A: Every song that we write is usually about an experience. Since we improvise so much, a lot of our songs really are metaphors — songs of liberation, journeys through life, finding love and struggles with relationships and friendships.

My husband, Bradley, the guitarist, he’s an amazing composer and writer. We just sit in our kitchen and write a melody. The band is just so great. We can take something we’re thinking in a moment and bring an idea to the table.

Q: What inspired the title of your forthcoming record, Rayleigh Scattering?

A: It’s a theory that was made by a gentleman named (Lord) Rayleigh (aka John William Strutt, a 1904 Nobel Prize winner).

Years ago, he talked about how the speckling of light shines down on the Earth and why we see the color blue.

Q: And what about the name “Blue Level” itself?

A: (When forming the band), I said: “What do we like?” Our saxophonist said: “I really like the color blue.”

We are a deep band, a very emotional band. The “level” is that we’re all the same. Nobody’s better. We are all on the same level with each other.

Q: You mention the “Columbus sound.” What defines that to you?

A: We tend to listen to a lot of classic Ohio jazz and soul music. We’ve been influenced by so many great bands over the years.

Columbus is very historic for the local music scene; it’s like Seattle. We’re trying to give back. There’s a lot of greatness here.

— Kevin Joy



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The bop and pop of blue level has been recharged! After years at the most prestigious venues in Central Ohio including: The Columbus Arts Festival, The Ohio State University, The Newport Music Hall, Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, Gahanna Creekside Jazz and Blues Festival and many others, the band merged with another regional band, Deep Blue Groove. This fusion has created some unique options for any event or venue. Visit the bio page to read more of our story.