Silent Bell Trio Live at M sampler

Craig Fernandez, Brad Scott, Adam Koltnow
Silent Bell


Combining a blend of jazz styles, Silent Bell Quartet is a new project from a familiar group of Columbus music scene veterans. The band was showcased last summer as part of the line-up of the Jazz Series at M, a Cameron Mitchell restaurant in downtown Columbus. Tossing out older jazz standards, they have developed their instrumental re-imaginations of early legacy album-oriented rock.

Silent Bell Quartet consists of members of the central Ohio band Trace Marie & Blue Level. Their versatility of influences, drawn together by Craig Fernandez’s sax improvisational flow, creates a sonic appeal that will break new ground, adding to the landscape of great live music in central Ohio. Guitarist, Bradley Scott notes, “We’ve performed an evolving mix of familiar pop and original songs for over 10 years now.  The experience has led us to expand our sound in a new direction. We’re proud to be part of Columbus’ musical tradition and ready to add some new spice to the stew with this latest instrumental project.”

Tenor and soprano saxophonist Craig Fernandez states, “My arrangements are built on choosing great compositions from a particular era of rock and pop in the 1960s and 1970s.  I like to approach our songs like a vocalist. An element of what I am attempting to do is to sing the melody with my saxophone. ” Bassist, Adam Koltnow mentions, “These chill, tasteful tunes are perfect for many venues while giving the listener a new way to view the heritage of a jazz standard.”  Discover more and contact Silent Bell Quartet at